Monday, September 5, 2011

Green IT is a solution!
Information Technology becomes one of critical part in business operation. Corporate, medium, until many small companies, use Information Technology as critical part in doing their business. Many business used Information Technology as their core competence, if it’s down for a few minutes will create many losses, including losing their customers.

Information Technology use electricity as their heart. It needed to turn on the computer/server, air conditioner used to cooling, and activate the other facility 24x7 will consume so much electricity. Inefficient use of electricity will trigger worsen environment.

Environment disruption can be seen from the temperature increase nowadays. Increasing global temperature will cause sea level to rise, and is expected to increase the intensity of extreme weather events and to change the amount and pattern of precipitation. Other effects of global warming include changes in agricultural yields, trade routes, glacier retreat, species extinctions and increases in the ranges of disease vectors. Energy consumes in huge amount and creates huge wastes to support human activity. For an example electricity become one component needed for almost activity conducted.

“Green IT” issue raise because of many experts concern regarding the environment risk. If many companies do not care about the electricity problem, the environment will worsen day by day. They provide some solutions to reduce the bad effect of it. Green IT promises an enormous double side solution for IT: a chance to save money -- and the environment.

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Keywords: implementation of IT, impact of IT, green technology.

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