Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Default resolution of ubuntu under VirtualBox is 800x600, or 640x480 for worsen. When the resolution try to be changed higher from Preferences menu, no other options provided. Install Guest Additions through virtualbox menu also useless.

Most common problem happen because the version of Guest Additions is not correct. But if the Host Virtualbox upgraded, it will took some extra effort. So the best way to change the resolution of Ubuntu under VirtualBox into 1024x768 is by upgrading the Guest Additions through terminal.

Step by step to upgrade virtualbox-ose

  1. Open terminal window
    Menu Applications > Accesories > Terminal
  2. Type: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose
  3. Type in your root password when prompted
  4. Press "y" when it confirmed to continue, and wait until the installation completely finish.
    If during installation you see some error, just ignore it.
  5. Restart the ubuntu.
  6. Done! The default resolution will be changed into 1360x768.
    You can always change the resolution from menu System > Preferences > Monitors

Why upgrade through terminal?

Simple, it will find the latest and the most compatible version.

System used are:
- virtualbox v 4.0.0
- host OS: Windows XP service pack 3
- guest: ubuntu 10

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