Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One of the most annoying problem in Blackberry is managing contact. Desktop Manager does not provide facility to maintain the contacts through desktop interface, which means RIM suggest the user to maintain the contacts through handheld.

For some user - such as marketing people, company, etc.- who need to import a lot of contacts from their excel file will be paintful. Desktop manager provide the service, but sometime it fails.

After some experiments, import contact Blackberry using cvs file can be done with Gmail Contacts mediation.

Step 0 - Backup your data

This is the most important step. For any experiment, ensure to backup the data first. Don't go to other step before you've completed this step.

Step 1 - Synchronize your blackberry contact to gmail account

See this explanation, on section: Use wireless address book synchronization.

Step 2 - Export your gmail account into csv file 

  • Login to your Google Contacts
  • Export your contact to csv file, choose gmail contact format.
    Purpose of this step to get the gmail contact template.

Step 3 - Input your contact

  • Adjust your contact data with csv format.
  • Ensure to not include the same data with existing, to avoid duplicate contacts.
  • Please ensure your header match with google format.

Step 4 - Import your contact 

  • Go to your Google Contacts, import it now.
  • Wait for couple of minutes to Blackberry sync with your Google Contacts.
  • Done!

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  1. Amazing ... It helped me a lot

  2. Gmana cara import contact list bb yg notabene uda trlanjur save di yahoo dan mao di copy ke account gmail

  3. Hi Rinny,
    Here's might works for your case, export yahoo contacts to gmail, and then to blackberry:

    1. Export your yahoo contacts into csv, please check this one for your ref:

    2. Once csv saved, you can follow step 2 onwards.


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