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SAP, Setup TREX Connector

TREX is a search engine that used in SAP NetWeaver. This search engine primarily used in SAP Enterprise Portal, such as for Talent Management Specialist to find employee. TREX server recommended to be installed in separate machine, since during indexing process can consume high resources.

TREX need to be connected with the SAP back-end.
More information regarding TREX admin can be found here.
While to setting connection of TREX can be found on screenshots below:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Renew SAP Router Certificate on Windows Server

By default, SAP Router certificate will be expired each one year. SAP router is used to connect between your local SAP server to SAP server. It is used for an example to download and install new NOTE from SAP.

Check the connection of SAP router:

  • Login to SAP R/3
  • Open t-code SM59 - Configuration of RFC Connections
  • Open folder ABAP Connections > SAPOSS > Connection Test
  • If connection return an error such below, there is posibility that your SAP router certificate has been expired and need to be renewed.
Error message:
Logon              Connection Error
Error Details     Error when opening an RFC connection
Error Details     ERROR: CPIC program connection ended (read error)
Error Details     LOCATION: SAP-Server TRHP01_DBW_00 on host TRHP01 (wp 1)
Error Details     COMPONENT: CPIC
Error Details     COUNTER: 6
Error Details     RETURN CODE: 223
Error Details     SUBRC: 0
Error Details     RELEASE: 700

Renew SAP Router Certificate

Please follow screenshot below:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

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