Sunday, December 1, 2013

 Thousand ways to Rome

That proverb applicable also to work in IT field. Higher pay salary, flexible time hours (for some position), get extra facilities (especially in techno), high demand jobs, and other things become magnets to work in IT.

But, some (or most) IT professional trapped on their job! They just realized after 30s or 40s, which is harden to move freely as before. Or some create wrong step, that blocked their future opportunity. Here are 4 things you shouldn't do as an IT.

1. Work for Money

Not just in IT, but also other field. If you work for money, in certain step it will get boredom to the max. Work for passion/strength that you good at!

If you really love IT, give all you got to this job seriously. Serve the customer 110%, respond all problems ASAP, read IT articles more frequent, update your skill with seminars, etc.

2. Become Generalist

This is a debatable topic for fresh graduate, "should I become specialist or generalist?"

Most seniors will say be specialist! Some people say that CIO won't handle technical things, it's true! But if they know one or two specific areas, they can communicate better with the subordinate (and earn respect easier).
  • If you're still in colleagues, start take specific topic that you like most, and stick with it.
  • If you just employed, see what specific area you can take in current office. If you can't find any, move to other company as soon as possible!
  • If you're 30s now, find a credible course for specific subject. Don't wait, time flies! You might be start your career from bottom, recalculate with the acceleration and job security
  • If you're 40s above, take your future step carefully. If there's a good opportunity to become specialist, take it. But if you can't, create strategy for higher position directly as manager, IT GM, or CIO.

3. Think you're an expert already

IT is one of fastest growing industry. If you think that you're an expert already & stop learning, you'll die pretty soon! Never stop learning, period.

4. My customer is computer

If you think your only partner is computer, you completely wrong! IT professional never work alone. 
Each day you might see computers, servers, routers; but it doesn't mean you no need others. User, vendor, management, colleague, boss, all of them are the resources we have to worked with.

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